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Microscopic Endodontics Center – Good dentist: Gdynia

Welcome to Cadent Microscopic Endodontics Center.

Cadent Microscopic Endodontics Center was established as a response to the growing expectations of patients, who appreciate the quality of endodontic services at the highest level. Highly qualified staff specializing in treating the most complex cases, perfectly equipped office with video channel, where patients can watch the relationship “live” with your tooth root canal treatment and professionally developed procedures allow for repeatability of treatments, and help achieve the best long term results after the root canal treatment.

Cadent microscopic endodontics center is equipped with everything needed to perform root canal treatment according to the strict guidelines of the European Society of Endodontology ESE: Kaps endodontic microscope camera to perform X-ray product images, micromotor, the most accurate available camera to measure the length of Morita’s channels and ultrasound. The channels are filled by thermoplastic gutta percha. More information on the procedures can be found in the section “root canal”.

In addition, we have the most modern apparatus for performing 3D computed tomography: Kodak 9000 is an additional diagnostic tool that is invaluable in the most difficult or uncertain endodontic cases.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information in the submenu. They will allow you to learn more about working at the Center for Microscopic Endodontics Cadent.

Why microscope?

The basis for achieving long-term success of root canal treatment is to find all channels, including additional channels, branches, and the development of the entire length and then tight and accurate their fulfillment. Often, for various reasons, it is impossible. Just then the invaluable help of a microscope. Dental microscope allows for the treatment of teeth that have not yet been convicted long deletion. It enlarges the field of view kilku- very hard several times and brightens. With it you can find channels that are invisible “to the naked eye”, remove obstacles such as broken and left in the sewers tools, metal inserts, inserts with glass fibers. Very often the cause of obstruction of the channels are left in their interior “stairs” also called degrees. Their location and smoothing allows you to continue working on the entire length of the root canal.

Why Cadent?

In our clinic trained doctors working in the narrow field of dentistry gathered in the Polish Society of endodontic (PTE), Polish Society of Microscopic Dentistry (PTSM), having Recommendation PTE. This is why patients come to us from all over the province. Trusted us as many dentists who have the interest of patients they send it to the canal treatment in the service “practice is limited Endodontics” which means that after root canal treatment, patients return to their doctors for further treatment and restoration of the tooth.