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For doctors

We invite you to cooperate with doctors so that they can expand their offer to their patients with implant reconstruction.

Your doctor plans and executes part of prosthetic reconstruction and in our offices is made part of the surgical implant reconstruction.

Deciding to cooperate birthmark you are ensured:

  • possibility of extending the services of his office for treatment implantoprosthetic;
    Free access to marketing tools such as brochures for patients, information posters, passports implant;
  • Help and recommendations dental laboratories with extensive experience;
    safety and security of work on the proven and reliable implant system;
  • support from the company, in the selection of appropriate and affordable prosthetic components;
  • transparent and clear terms of cooperation;

The benefits from the introduction of implant treatment:

  • extension office offers a new, fast growing and perspective area of ​​dental services;
  • the opportunity to gain new patients and offer new treatments for existing, loyal patients;
  • increase in income;