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Endodontics for dentists

The microscopic endodontics Center Cadent, primarily carry out root canal treatment in patients referred by doctors of dental surgeries. The problem most often obstructed, zobliterowane channels or their complex anatomy. Also remove broken tools, develop additional channels for closing perforations, remove the channels cement, broken crown-root contributions and fiberglass cast, we re-root canal treatment.

We invite you to cooperate with dentists who have encountered problems during root canal treatment in their patients, or there were complications hindering or preventing proper tooth passes of satisfactory standards according to both physicians and their patients. Upon completion of root canal treatment the patient is sent back to the treating physician with the written information regarding the care and photo RVG.

We also help diagnostically uncertain qualify teeth (even for the treatment or extraction already?) And solve uncertain clinical situations. Your doctor can always telephone contact with our center if you have further questions about his patient.