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Root canal treatment is currently the fastest growing area of dentistry. With the modern equipment and methods, root canal treatment is not much of a problem today.

Modern root canal treatment (endodontics) uses specialized equipment, which include endodontic microscope that allows us to see an enlarged inside of the channel along its entire length.

In Poland, currently about sixty offices endodontic microscope uses. The Tri-City – eight.

The current method of root canal treatment was ineffective. Dentist to work virtually “blind”, has not seen the inside of the channel during the surgery, he could not precisely determine its length, he could not even find all channels. If you break the tool while cleaning the canal, the doctor “blurring” the footsteps of his error by removing the tooth or filling it at the same time leaving a broken tool in its interior.
These aspects result in a negative way for the patient. The treatment proved ineffective, sooner or later, the patient returned to the clinic with pain, already “przeleczonego” endodontic tooth. Only a few are involved in the re-root canal treatment. Typically, the tooth was left removed.
Endodontic treatment using a microscope consists of thorough cleaning of the root canal system of infected or dead pulp. Proper root canal treatment, or thorough cleaning, widening and disinfecting root canals, filling their tight, guarantees us that the tooth will serve us for the rest of your life.

Professionally performed root canal treatment procedure is carried out in several stages:

Treatment begins with a panoramic photo was taken, which gives an overall view of the patient’s teeth. During the procedure, the doctor on a regular basis radiowizjograficznymi uses images.

After administration of local anesthesia for tooth dentist assumes rubber tool called cofferdam. Dam separates the treated tooth from the other. Thanks saliva, which contains a huge amount of bacteria gets into the open tooth. Cofferdam also positively affect patient comfort during the procedure, the patient swallows his own saliva.

Thorough cleaning of the cavity, the unveiling of the mouth of the channel. From that moment begins to work a dentist using a microscope. Finds all channels (there may be from one to six).

After finding all the channels, using a microscope and X-ray images taken earlier, dentist determines the precise measurement of their length. It uses the apex, which is a precision instrument. Thanks to him, the doctor can thoroughly clean and disinfect the root along its entire length (up to the very top). The whole procedure, including the completion of channels is done in one visit, even if the tooth is in very poor condition.

Purification and widening of channels, using the flexible and rigid tools with special titanium – nickel alloy that follow the channel light, cleansing it with almost a hundred percent.

After a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the channels, completed in heated and very smooth material that guarantees us the highest tightness.

The last step is to perform X-ray control, which allows eventually confirm the success of the treatment.
In the case of a large dental tissue loss (over 50%) is needed to rebuild it with a stick placed in the root canal and dental crown.
Take a close look at the statistics. The previous root canal therapy gave us a 1% chance of permanent cure. Modern methods give us a 99% certainty that the tooth will be cured without the hassle we serve for life.
In summary, modern endodontics gives us the opportunity to:

Almost one hundred percent certainty cure teeth (even with the changes around the apexes).

Cure “eights”, which had previously been removed without a second thought. It is worth noting that these are the teeth in a sense, “strategic” – in case of loss they may pose a location, after sanding them, “pillar” for a dental bridge.

Finding all the channels and thus, accurate passes and fill them.

Removal of the root canal of a broken tool during surgery.
The past, we can now put down multiple visits to the dentist, changing on these visits “drains” search “groping” needle channels and thus determining their length. Forget also about the inevitable loss of the tooth with his re-infection.
With modern endodontics, what was previously impossible, today it is solved in one treatment.
When choosing a dentist – endodontist, note that use of the apex, cofferdam and endodentycznego microscope.
High skills and modern, professional equipment will give us a guarantee of effective and above all permanent cure channel.

Cooperation: Lek. DDS. Maciej Goczewski