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Laughing gas | Cadent

The use of nitrous oxide during dental procedures, the dentist – Andrew Weber Mariusz Podralskim talking.
What is the history of the use of nitrous oxide in dentistry?

The use of nitrous oxide in dentistry, was discovered more than one hundred and fifty years ago. At that time, an American dentist Horace Wells with great success, he began laughing gas used in the treatment of their patients. Since then, this method becomes more prevalent among American dentists. For fifty years, the United States generally used.

How does patient laughing gas?

Laughing gas, or mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, works relaxant. Effectively relaxes the patient, eliminating the fear of surgery at the same time, reduces the pain threshold, allowing to carry out minor procedures without anesthesia.
Laughing gas is introduced into the patient’s good mood, sometimes I get the gaiety and a very nice dream, but the patient during the procedure retains full consciousness.

Is it possible to give the children laughing gas?

The treatment is a very big problem. Children are afraid of the dentist, fear of pain, dental equipment and tools. Many of them do not allow for effective treatment.

Laughing gas is harmless, because of the great success it can be used in the treatment of children. This is what children account for 80% of patients treated with laughing gas.

99% of children who present themselves for treatment with nitrous oxide administration, is cured. Child, feeling well and safely, it is able to effectively work with your doctor during dental procedures.
Children, happy face after surgery, no longer feel the fear of dentist. This pays off in the future – many adults traumatized in the dental chair, still afraid of the treatment of neglecting the condition of your teeth.

Is it safe method? Are there any contraindications?

Over fifty years of widespread use of nitrous oxide showed no complications or allergies.
This is very secure. Laughing gas poorly combined with blood. After the treatment administered to the patient is pure oxygen, so that nitrous oxide is rapidly exhaled by the patient to the outside. After 10 – 15 minutes no sign of it in the body. In contrast to the anesthetic, which is never indifferent to the body.

Laughing gas does not interact with any medications. If you are taking medication, it is not a contraindication for the use of nitrous oxide.

With treatment, but should not be used by people suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract and pregnant women.

How to prepare for dental treatment using laughing gas?

You can not be on an empty stomach. It should be 2 – 3 hours before the visit to dine. In addition, the administration of nitrous oxide does not require any other preparation.

What is the cost of such treatment?

The price does not include dental surgery about 50 dollars. Compared to general anesthesia, it is not only safe method, but also a lot cheaper (cost of anesthesia is about 300 – 400 thousand).