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Dentist Gdynia – implants

Dental implants are actually very modern form of restoration of missing teeth, which allows for comfort and aesthetic appearance of our teeth. Implant treatment is divided into two stages: the part of the surgical and part of the prosthetic . It is also good to add that these implants are typically implanted in our bodies in the dental office by experienced and trained dentists.

Dental Implants – reproduce naturally beautiful, confident smile

Dental Implants – to permanently restore missing teeth. For more than 30 years for patients restore beautiful, confident smile.

Dental implants are small titanium screw surgically placed in the maxilla or mandible, replacing the missing tooth root, creating a foundation for a new crown. Many patients instead of other treatments for dental implants are selected because they provide lasting natural look.

Permanent Solution

Since dental implants replace the root of the tooth and serve as a foundation, new teeth fastened directly on them. Such treatment allows for natural reproduction of missing teeth without the integration of the adjacent teeth. Implant fixed small metal pin that allows the permanent deposition of new crown by means of dental cement or a small screw.

Mounted on Implant Prostheses

Dental Implants can also be used for permanent fixing of partial or total prostheses, thereby eliminating the need for dental adhesive. This allows you to enjoy the taste of foods that previously had to be avoided. Dentures can be mounted on beams or ball hooks, allowing for the removal of daily hygiene.

Other treatments, such as the use of the conventional crown or bridge may require spiłowania healthy teeth to secure the prosthesis. In contrast, using adhesive dental structures tend to be uncomfortable, and at the same time can go down while talking or eating. In this case, completely give up certain foods. In addition, metal braces are sometimes visible, destroying the aesthetic effect

The crown on the implant

No single or a few teeth results in a gap, which can be supplemented by conventional techniques prosthetic but must be used as the pillars adjacent healthy teeth, for example, a tooth prosthesis is stabilized clamp on adjacent teeth and the bridge is cemented on the teeth healthy, which must be ground, and often devoid of previously vital pulp and root canal przeleczone.

Using the implant tooth loss can be completed without prejudice to the adjacent teeth. The implant is inserted into the bone. At the time integration of the implant with bone prosthetic patient receives temporary.

Integrated with the bone implant loaded with a final prosthetic filling, which is permanently connected to the implant.
The loss of one or greater number of teeth causes a slow loss of jaw bones, but by the early implemented implant treatment process can inhibit or slow down.


1. Uzupełnienie tooth with an implant and cosmetic improvement through the implementation of all-ceramic crowns
2. Wymiana niekosmetycznych prosthetic crowns and tooth loss supplement with implants

bridge on implants

Partial deficiencies are not capable of fixing restorations without interfering with the teeth healthy. These, in turn, must also be able to withstand the pressure and load fixed prosthesis. Integrated with the bone implant loaded with a final prosthetic filling, which is permanently connected to the implant – a crown or bridge. The loss of one or more teeth causes slow bone loss in the jaw, but the rapid implementation of implant treatment process can inhibit or slow down.


1. Uzupełnienie tooth with an implant

Implant Overdenture

One of the major indications for implantation of the toothless jaw. The introduction of implants provides good enough to maintain the prosthesis, allows you to perform complete the permanent and full restoration of chewing function, recreating the original aesthetics of the smile and the whole face, which ensures patient comfort and harmony. Depending on the method for fixing the prosthesis on implants, it can be removed for cleaning. Implants placed and integrated with the bone, charged to the final prosthetic filling after determining occlusion. Proper denture stabilization makes the patient is pleased with it. The loss of one or more teeth causes slow bone loss in the jaw, but the rapid implementation of implant treatment process can inhibit or slow down.

Advances in Treatment

Recent innovations significantly improved the implant procedure. In this line of implants use a patented surface, which speeds up the healing process. This method has a 98.4% success, and studies have shown that treatment time is reduced to just two months.

Easy Treatment

The dentist performs a thorough examination, including x-ray to determine the validity of the use of implants. After evaluating the individual needs of the dentist sets a deadline consultation visit, during which, together with the patient discusses possible solutions and take a decision on further treatment plan. Depending on the specific circumstances, treatment may be limited to just three steps.

Step 1
The surgeon places the implant (s) in the patient’s jaw. The implant replaces the root of a natural tooth providing structural foundation.

Step 2
Dental prosthetist performs patient models. Models are sent to the laboratory where the missing tooth is reconstituted (teeth).

Step 3
Prosthetist attaches the tooth restored. The result is a look and feel comparable to natural teeth and to restore or improve the capacity of chewing and speaking clearly while maintaining bone structure.

System Implantology Camlog

Camlog is one of the leading manufacturers of complete implant system. Through research and long-term clinical experience Camlog implant system includes a minimum komponenów, making it quick and easy to use. Camlog is the most popular system in Germany, also gained recognition in many countries around the world. Camlog heart implant system is an innovative combination between the superstructure and implantem- “Tube-in-Tube-Design”. This system provides high quality and precision, as well as the best stability prosthetic superstructure.

On the basis of its history, the development of innovative products Camlog one of the most important producers of implants.

On all products Camlog gives 10-year warranty. The uniqueness of Camlog system relies on the most stable connection implant superstructure. The study does not show any loose connections, damage or cracks in the implant screw. This combination removes the implant crown perfectly, just like a natural tooth, the daily load.

Ankylos Implant System

Friadent Ankylos – German implants designed in 1985 by Prof. Dr. G.- H. Nentwig and Dr. W. Moser. Their goal was to create a universal system to the maximum extent resemble the natural tooth roots, provide excellent stability even in very hard bone and it was possible to use in any clinical situation. For the first time it was implanted in 1987, since then the system is under development. Recently, are also available for patients in Poland.

These implants have several unique features:

  • They have a patented progressive thread, which provides excellent stability even in low-density bone.
  • Since 2005 versions are manufactured entirely covered with surface-modified titanium Friadent PlusR (do not hold fragments of polished titanium), therefore it is possible to introduce these implants to shore or below the edge of the bone. As demonstrated in long-term studies, this solution significantly reduces remodeling and bone loss around the top of the implant during the initial treatment period compared to traditional solutions.
  • uses the concept of “switching platforms,” or change in diameter of the connector relative to the diameter of the implant. Application narrower than the implant connector is conducive to maintaining the initial level of the bone and soft tissue proper shape.
  • The conical prosthetic connections allow full rotation and any setting in the range of 360 degrees, which makes it easier to plan and execute prosthetic reconstruction. It is a clear difference in relation to the internal connection implants with six or octagonal, where the changes in the position of the design can be made only by leaps and bounds.

ANKYLOS is a patient-oriented, cost-effective and comprehensive system of implanting.

ANKYLOS , guarantees high reliability and stabilizing effect both in the bone or in soft tissue.

Thanks to the conical connection between the implant and the connector can be combined the benefits of two-piece and one-piece. Universal prosthetic components allow their full convertibility.