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Dentist’s office – Yellow office ul. Parkowa

Yellow dentist’s office is suitable for the treatment of adults and children. With high quality unit we are able to perform a full range of dental services – from whitening teeth to dental surgery. At the same time, we try to make our office friendly to the patient. The room is painted in warm colors, which gives a sense of security, in the office is installed air conditioning. Treatment is done while lying down, and a TV mounted on dental unit helps patients and children to relax and keep your attention away from the dentist tools and activities.
Equipment in office allows the treatment of the most complex cases, microscope and X-ray camera allows you to make detailed and panoramic radiographs (panoramic), images of the teeth. In addition, the cabinet is equipped with a device for the administration of nitrous oxide anesthesia as the form which facilitates treatment, particularly for children. The room is air-conditioned.