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Children’s Dentistry – treatment with nitrous oxide

Sedation nitrous

  • laughing gas sedation is very safe and harmless;
  • pediatric dentistry but can also be used in adults who experience intense fear before treatment, or such . injection;
  • Sedation is achieved by inhalation of nitrous oxide and a large amount of oxygen through a nose mask assumed;
  • The patient feels very pleasant daze, located in a semi-dream state;
  • Laughing gas is no longer fully functioning after a few minutes after shutdown;

When nitrous oxide to provide the best results

  • If you or your child feel any fear of dental treatment;
  • If your child has not yet been treated dentally;
  • If you feel a strong fear of dental treatment;
  • If you do not want to be afraid of the dentist;
  • If you will be required anesthesia by injection;
  • If the patient has a strong gag reflex and you can not get the impression, take radiographs;
  • If tooth extraction seems to be something unendurable;

Recommendations for patients

  • Do not eat at least 3 hours. before surgery;
  • Children must come with an adult companion;
  • Do not use tight clothes;

Is it possible to give the children laughing gas?

The treatment is a very big problem. Children are afraid of the dentist, fear of pain, dental equipment and tools. Many of them do not allow for effective treatment. Laughing gas is harmless, because of the great success it can be used in the treatment of children. This is what children account for 80% of patients treated with laughing gas. 99% of children who present themselves for treatment with nitrous oxide administration, is cured. Child, feeling well and safely, it is able to effectively work with your doctor during dental procedures.

Children, happy face after surgery, no longer feel the fear of dentist. This pays off in the future – many adults traumatized in the dental chair, still afraid of the treatment of neglecting the condition of your teeth.