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Children’s dentistry Gdynia

The offices of the Cadent of particular concern surround the youngest patients.

Good cooperation small patient-doctor consists of many factors. The most important of them is qualified to work with children staff, but it is also a colorful office, the walls of which children laugh characters from fairy tales, this colorful seals, awards and diplomas. Any child who bravely helped heal their teeth can also join the “Club Brave Patient.”

Milk teeth require the same care as the permanent teeth. Therefore, in the Centre of Dentistry Cadent surround our youngest patients care in the field of: Prevention, dentistry, conservative, Endodontics, Surgery .


Prophylaxis in pediatric dentistry is not just learning how to properly clean the teeth. It also fluoridation, which aims to strengthen the newly wyżniętych permanent teeth and their protection against cariogenic bacteria action, and regular review, which after treatment should take place once every four months.

Doctors of our center also highlight the potential orthodontic problems in children (malocclusion) and direct children orthodontic treatment.


In the Centre of Dentistry Cadent our youngest patients, special attention is paid to. Therefore, physicians big emphasis on prevention and on design visits. In a properly cured dziecięcym- both milk teeth, mixed and permanent, the risk of pain is low.

Mali Patients have a choice of colored fillings (seals). Girls usually choose pink, orange, purple, gold, silver, and the boys blue, green, yellow and sometimes white.

Sometimes, because of the vastness of the cavity, or lack of cooperation with the Little Patient, it is not possible to fully develop the cavity. Then assumed a temporary dressing with remineralizing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic and is arranging another visit in a few weeks to several months.


You may, however, that the loss of humus is so vast that the milk tooth is inflamed or dead. Then, depending on the age of the Little Patient and his willingness to cooperate are taken together with the Parent further decisions on how to keep the tooth in the mouth. The most advanced but also the most predictable is the decision of the milk tooth root canal treatment. Such a tooth must meet certain conditions in order to be eligible for this procedure. Any decision concerning the treatment of milk tooth is first thoroughly discussed with the parent of the Little Patient. Takes into account the age of the patient, the current condition in which there is a tooth and the ability to cooperate with the Little Patient.


Removing the milk tooth is a big stress for most small patients. The most common cause of such necessity is wyrzynający a permanent tooth that can not be set up correctly in the dental arch due to survive in this place primary tooth. When fear does not make surgery, consider administration of nitrous oxide or laughing gas azotu- read more . Milk tooth extractions are performed under anesthesia surface (gel anesthetic) or infiltration anesthesia (using needles).

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