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Dentist cadente in Gdynia – Root Canal Treatment

The structure of the tooth is alive – in the middle of each tooth is a chamber filled with nerves and vessels. The root of the tooth is composed of dentine externally covered root cementum. In the middle of the root is a root canal, which is a narrow extension of the pulp cavity. Tooth fixed in the jawbone through the root, but it is not connected directly to the bone. The place where lies the root of the socket call. The tooth is fixed in the socket by means of a very large number of fine filaments that form a strong bond to the tooth socket, but at the same time enable it to physiological mobility. Individual human teeth with different functions. The so-called front teeth. incisors are used for biting off bites of food. In contrast, ie lateral teeth. Premolars and molars because of their anatomy for grinding food.

tooth requires treatment endontycznego (channel) in the case of:

  • the creation of pulpitis (nerves and vessels inside the tooth), which is often accompanied by severe pain. The most common cause is deeply reaching caries;
  • tooth pulp necrosis and infection of primary or secondary root canal bacteria which leads to inflammation of periapical tissues. The consequence is the formation of an abscess and podokostnowego and submucosal edema associated pain and even fever;

The task is to clear the endontycznego treatment and then fill in the corresponding masses of all root canals. Due to the different anatomy roots (curvature, obliteration) is not always an easy task and often requires a lot of time, patience and the right equipment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we encourage you to read the label for root canal treatment, which has been prepared especially for you by our dentists.