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Dental Surgery – Removal of broken instruments and contributions

During root canal treatment, especially with complex anatomy (curved or very narrow channels), it may happen that the tool, which works dentist will break, and a portion will remain in the channel. The biggest problem that follows from this is the one that the rest of the channel below the broken tool, is available for the following tools and, consequently, is raw, not-and unfilled.

The empty space below the broken tool leads to the development of bacteria and root canal treatment failure. Therefore, it is important to remove it, even when the tooth is asymptomatic, but about the existence of the tool patient accidentally learned by performing X-ray for another reason.

To remove this obstacle channel, you need endodontic microscope so that the physician can locate it without unnecessary destruction of tooth structure (magnification microscope is from 6-30 times). Then, still under the control of the microscope is made available to the tool and are removed using one of several methods. The method depends, among other factors, in which the tooth is an obstacle, what is its anatomy, at which point the tool is wedged and what is the access to the tooth.

Doctors Microscopic Endodontics Center Cadent also involved in the removal of root cast koronowo- contributions, the contributions of glass fibers, ankerów (screws screwed into the root) and silver studs. For this purpose, it is also used endodontic microscope.