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Orthodontist – implants: Trójmiasto

Tomograph Kodak 9000 3D – the most technologically advanced tomograph on the market

  • With the unique possibility of combining three technologies: pantomography, cefalometry and imaging in three dimensions Kodak 9000 system is the perfect and complete tool for the diagnosis of intraoral;
  • The highest quality of research in the market has been combined with the versatility of the product. The camera can be extended to include the cefalo function or safe for the patient CT diagnostic creating a unified platform;
  • KODAK laboratories developed a single exposure technology “One Shot”, which optimizes image quality mainly by the elimination of distortion characteristic for the other techniques. The acquisition takes less than a second, thereby reducing the risk of having to repeat images due to patient movement;
  • Kodak 9000 C offers a wide range of cephalometric formats ranging from full skull (30 cm x 30 cm), a standard (18 cm x 24 cm), and radiographs of the small box to minimize the radiation dose;
  • In the extended version of 3D – The Kodak 9000 is a versatile ideal for implantologists tomography (simulation positioning of implants) and orthodontists (autotracing and automatic treatment planning software). Adjustable focal greatly assist in the positioning of automatically adapting to the morphology of the patient. Extremely simple, but fully functional software allows faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan;