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CADENT dental clinics are designed for the most demanding patients. A carefully selected team of doctors who constantly improve their qualifications here and abroad, together with competent assistants, allow us to provide professional and painless dental care and offer medical services at the highest level.

What can we do for you?


The best materials with a lifetime warranty, for a reliable result and a beautiful appearance for long years to come.

Aesthetic dentistry

The use of many fields of dentistry, innovative techniques and modern materials allows to give or restore a beautiful and healthy smile in patients.


The best experts and the latest technologies provide complete safety even for the most complex treatments.

Root canal treatment

Effectiveness in saving the tooth, maximum precision thanks to innovative methods and excellent control under the microscope.


Restoration of full functionality and aesthetics to your teeth thanks to precision combined with top quality materials.

Conservative dentistry

Low-invasive and effective caries treatment methods for the health and aesthetic appearance of your teeth, including treatment without drilling.

Pediatric dentistry

Professional diagnostics, prevention and painless treatment of caries turned into a pleasant adventure.


Save your teeth and gums thanks to early diagnosis and effective treatment of periodontitis.


Professional teeth cleaning is not only to keep health of your teeth but also to improve their natural white, smooth and shiny appearance.

Smile design

You want to change your look, but don't you know how to do it?
Before the treatment is started, you will see what your new smile will look like.

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