Nitrous oxide treatment

Calming down with laughing gas

  • Calming down with laughing gas is very safe and harmless;
  • It is especially recommended in pediatric dentistry, but can also be used in adults who feel a strong anxiety related to treatment or, for example, injection;
  • The calming effect is achieved by inhaling nitrous oxide and a large amount of oxygen by means of a nasal mask;
  • The patient feels very pleasantly stunned and is in a half sleep state;
  • The laughing gas stops working completely within a few minutes after switching off;

When the laughing gas gives the best results

  • If you or your child is afraid of any dental treatment;
  • If your child has not yet received dental treatment;
  • If you or your child feels a strong fear of dental treatment;
  • If you do not want to be afraid of the dentist;
  • If you need an injection anaesthetic;
  • If the patient has a strong vomiting reflex and it is impossible to take an impression or X-rays;
  • If extraction of a tooth seems to be something difficult to bear;

Recommendations for patients

  • Do not eat at least 3 hours before the procedure;
  • Children have to come with an adult to accompany;
  • Do not put on tight clothes;

Can laughing gas be administered to children?

Treating children is problematic. Children are afraid of the dentist, pain, dental devices and tools. Many of them do not allow for performance of effective treatment. The laughing gas is harmless, so it can be used during treatment of children very successfully. Children constitute 80% of patients who are treated with laughing gas. 99% of children who undergo treatment with laughing gas are cured. A child feels well and safe, so is able to cooperate with the doctor during the dental procedure effectively.

After the procedure, children are satisfied and they stop feeling fear of the dentist. This also pays off in the future - many adults, after traumatic experiences in the dental chair, are still afraid of treatment, neglecting the condition of their teeth.