Price list

Conservative dentistry

Dental examination, consultation 180-300 zł
Filling (depending on the surface) 280-650 zł

Root canal treatment

Treatment of single root canal 650-850 zł
Repeated canal treatment of single root canal 850-1100 zł
Treatment of two root canal 900-1200 zł
Repeated canal treatment of two root canal 1100-1350 zł
Treatment of three root canal 1500-1800 zł
Repeated canal treatment of three root canal 1600-2100 zł
Treatment of four root canal 1760-2200 zł
Repeated canal treatment of four root canal 1800-2500 zł
Tool removal 500-600 zł


All-ceramic crown 2300-2900 zł
Porcelain veneer crown 2300-2900 zł
All-ceramic veneer 2300-2900 zł
Porcelain onlays 1200-1600 zł
Endocrown 1800 zł
Full denture (acrylic) 2500-3500 zł
Skeletal dentures 3500-4500 zł
Partial denture (acrylic) 2500 zł
Flow injection 1150 zł


Surgical consultation 180 zł
Tooth extraction 350-550 zł
Filing the impacted tooth 500-1200 zł
Upper lip frenulum incision 550 zł
Tongue frenulum incision 550 zł

Pediatric dentistry

Adaptive visit with hygiene learning 180 zł
Milk teeth extraction 150-350 zł
Milk teeth filling 220-280 zł
Root canal treatment (milk teeth) 280-700 zł
Sealing 150 zł


Consultation 300 zł
Implant placement 3200 zł
Lifting the maxillary sinus with biomateriał 3500-5500 zł
Guided bone regeneration - augmentation 2500-4000 zł
Surgical template 1100-1800 zł
Crown based on implants 2900 zł
Individual implant abutment 800 zł
All on four - placing four implants + acrylic immediate bridge placed on implants on the day of surgery 30.000 zł

Diagnostic imaging

CT scan of 1 arch 300 zł
CT scan of 2 arches 500 zł
Intraoral x-ray 50 zł
3D photo for root canal treatment 190 zł


Nitrous oxide treatment 350 zł
Teeth whitening - Beyond materials using a whitening lamp or Aligner whitening (nighttime) 1200 zł
Teeth whitening - Prevdent materials 1700 zł
Scaling (tartar removal), polishing, sunblasting, fluoridation (2 visits) 350-550 zł
Orthodontic consultation 300 zł
Orthodontic aligners
* final price determined by the extent of occlusal abnormalities
8000-19000* zł
Permanent appliance (1 arch)
* final price determined by the extent of occlusal abnormalities
from 3500* zł