Aesthetic dentistry

The use of many fields of dentistry, innovative techniques and modern materials allows to give or restore a beautiful and healthy smile in patients.
Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that, in a sense, has emerged. Currently, the patients' requirements in relation to dentists concern not only the functionality of the treatment but also the appropriate aesthetics and, as a result, obtaining a beautiful smile. Minimum invasive and effective methods of dental caries treatment for the health and aesthetic appearance of your teeth, including treatment without drilling.

To achieve the effect of a beautiful smile, a comprehensive treatment with a precise plan is necessary. Surgery, conservative dentistry and prosthetics are frequently combined. The use of modern materials gives us the opportunity to rebuild missing tissues nicely and naturally or improve the appearance of our own tissues.

Digital Smile design

It is a modern digital method of smile visualisation showing the patient the target effect at the beginning of the treatment. Read more


Invisalign clear aligners are an alternative to the treatment of occlusal abnormalities with traditional fixed and removable braces. Aligners are individually designed for each patient, they are practically invisible and gradually move the teeth and rotate them, if necessary . They do not damage the teeth surface as it is possible to remove them easily to maintain their hygiene. Invisalign may be used in almost all cases of dental and bite abnormalities. They are comfortable, invisible and painless.

Teeth whitening

White and beautiful teeth give us confidence and improve our wellbeing. With white and healthy teeth, we smile more willingly and more often which makes us look more beneficial in our environment. In Cadent clinics we offer two types of whitening procedures.

  • PrevDent teeth whitening is a particularly healthy and effective procedure. The teeth are cleaned of staining, naturally bleached and restored with the specific hydroxyapatite formula (nHAp™) and orally safe detergents.
  • Whitening with Beyond materials using a whitening lamp - the most technologically advanced method of teeth whitening which is currently considered to be the safest and most effective whitening method. Thanks to the use of a lamp, the length of the teeth whitening procedure has been reduced to a minimum. The whole procedure takes place in the dental clinic and lasts just over an hour.
  • Aligner whitening (nighttime) - during a visit in the dentist's practice, an impression is made that reflects the teeth shape and position. The impression is sent to the prosthetic laboratory which then prepares an individual plate for home whitening. The tile is made of soft, transparent material with a special pocket for whitening gel.

Non-grinding veneers

The main advantage of this type of veneers is that they do not interfere with the tooth tissue. We use this solution to correct the shape or color of the tooth slightly. The teeth are very carefully polished before the impression is taken. Then ultra-thin veneers are made in the prosthetic laboratory.

Clear Aligner

It is an aesthetic and comfortable alternative to traditional treatment with fixed and mobile braces. The aligners are clear and do not damage the teeth surface nor have protruding metal parts. They are made by means of digital analysis and thermoforming and thus the occlusion defects can be precisely corrected and the treatment controlled.