Why dental implants?

  • If one or more teeth are missing, dental implants may be the best solution
  • Crowns based on implants do not differ in appearance from natural teeth;
  • Unlike other bridges, dentures and crowns on implants do not need to be supported by other teeth;
  • The use of an implant prevents the bone mass loss;
  • Dental implants increase the life-span of the remaining teeth (they protect the remaining teeth from excessive chewing forces);
  • Dental implants are placed in the mouth permanently - they do not need to be removed as in the case of dentures;
  • The implant will never need root canal treatment;
  • The loss of even a single tooth is not indifferent to the entire biting system, and each loss requires restoration as quickly as possible. The teeth form such a cohesive complex that they start to move or slide out to meet others with whom they might come into contact (the Godon phenomenon).