How does the implant treatment in the Dr Grzegorz Olszewski Clinic look like?

The treatment process begins with a detailed diagnosis of the patient's condition and drawing up a treatment plan.

The starting point for planning an implant procedure is the assessment of the quantity and quality of bone tissue to provide a basis for the implantation. Three-dimensional and extremely precise image that allows for precise planning and efficient execution of the procedure is provided by 3D CT. Precise diagnostic examination allows to plan the whole implantological process, including augmentation including controlled bone regeneration.

Introducing one or more implants into a well-shaped bone is a procedure so minimally invasive that standard local or ductal anaesthesia is sufficient and does not require a break from daily duties. In the Cadent Clinic a computer-controlled anaesthetic system is used.

By inserting implants we often bring back the joy and quality of life for our patients. Therefore, we are committed to provide only the best quality solutions supported by extensive research, documentation and support.