Microscopic Endodontics Center

At the Cadent Microscopic Endodontics Centre in Gdynia, we mainly perform root canal treatment in patients referred by doctors from dental offices. The most common problem is the occluded rhinestone canal or complicated anatomy thereof. We also remove broken tools, develop additional canals, close perforations, remove cement, broken crown-root inlays and fiberglass as well as perform repeated root canal treatment.
We invite you to cooperate with dentists who have faced problems during root canal treatment in their patients or complications have arisen that make it difficult or impossible to properly overflow the tooth according to standards satisfactory to both doctors and their patients. After the completion of root canal treatment, the patient is sent back to the practitioner together with written information about the treatment and an RVG picture.

We also help to qualify diagnostically uncertain teeth (still for treatment or already for extraction?) and solve uncertain clinical situations. The practitioner is always able to contact our Centre by phone in case of additional questions concerning his or her patient.


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