CAT scanner

The most technologically advanced CAT scanner on the market
  • Thanks to the unique ability to combine three technologies: pantomography, cephalometry and 3D imaging, the Kodak 9000 system is an excellent and complete tool for extraoral diagnosis;
  • The testing highest quality on the market has been combined with the product versatility. The device can be extended at any time with a cephalo function or CT scanner safe for the patient which allows for creating a unified diagnostic platform;
  • The "One Shot" single exposure technology developed in KODAK laboratories optimizes image quality mainly by eliminating distortions characteristic for other techniques. Acquisition takes less than a second, thus the risk of necessity to repeat the image due to patient movement is reduced;
  • The Kodak 9000 C offers a wide range of cephalometric formats starting from full skull images (30 cm x 30 cm), through standard (18 cm x 24 cm), to small field radiograms minimizing radiation dose;
  • In an extended 3D version, the Kodak 9000 becomes a versatile CT scanner ideal for implantologists (simulation of implant positioning) and orthodontists (autotracing and automatic treatment planning programs). The adjustable focal length helps in positioning through auto adjustment to the patient's morphology. Extremely simple but fully functional software allows to make a faster and more precise diagnosis and develop a treatment plan;