What is Sleeperone?

Simply, SleeperOne is a device that enables microprocessor-controlled injection of anesthetic drug. This system analyses tissue resistance and adjusts the pressure so that it does not exceed the pain threshold. This makes the process short and stress-free.
SleeperOne can be used for all types of anaesthesia excluding transcortical ones. This is one of the most innovative solutions in this field of medicine. It is particularly recommended for anaesthetics in children and persons sensitive to pain and syringe anxiety. Have you ever been afraid of seeing a dentist? From now on, you can forget about it! Despite the use of various anaesthetic techniques, visiting a dentist is often associated with unpleasant feelings. In traditional anaesthetics it is difficult to avoid pain during puncture and application as well as subsequent numbness of the tongue and face. A temporary dysfunction of the speech organ is an unpleasant result as well. Even if we are prepared for these unpleasant effects, we are sometimes surprised by the ineffectiveness of the anaesthesia applied and the necessity to repeat it. There are also cases where it cannot be applied.

Is there any solution that will eliminate all these problems?

Modern dental practices use electronic anaesthetic systems. Effective and usable even in the most difficult cases. In Poland, they have been used since 2000 and are now available in many comfort-conscious practices.

Our expectations realted to anaesthetics:
  • painless;
  • without the need for additional palate anesthesia;
  • Immediate effect;
  • without the numbness of soft tissues;
  • effective even for pulpitis;
  • treatment of several teeth under single anaesthetic.